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An answer about stretching that I frequently get the questions about…

“How long do I wear my tapers?”

You actually DON’T wear the tapers. You are only to use them for the stretching purpose. You place the taper against your ears, press gently until the taper goes through. Next, take the tunnel/plug you are going to put into the newly stretched hole. Press the plug or tunnel against the taper end and push the tunnel/plug through until it is securely in your ear. DO NOT WEAR THE TAPER AS A PIECE OF JEWELRY! I cannot stress this enough!

-Use titanium or stainless steal when it is a fresh stretch. Plastic and other stuff like it (as sold at Hot Topic, Wal Mart, and Spencers) can harbor bacteria and infect a fresh stretch. You can use them after it has fully healed (usually 4-6 weeks)
-Treat a fresh stretch as if it is a fresh piercing. Clean it daily and try not to stretch to quickly. Wait at least 4-6 weeks before stretching up higher.
-Do not use silicone tunnels to stretch. It might seem like a smart idea to roll it up, shove it in your ear and let it expand, but all you are really doing is causing more risk of tearing, infection and irritation. Please be patient and do it the right way.

Who thinks I should get an inner lip tattoo? It will be a shout out to my favorite band, Queen! Yay or nay?

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