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I have been studying body art and modification for over 10 years of my 21 years on this Earth.
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A question I always get is “why is your left arm more tattooed than your right?”

My answer:

My left arm is so heavily tattooed because they cover my high school battle scars. In high school I became a very angry person. I felt like everyone was out to hurt me, so before they could do it, I’d hurt myself. I hated myself. I was angry at the fact that I was even here on this Earth. The only thing that got me through was honestly a nightly cutting session. Finally when I turned 18 I got tired of seeing the scars of high school on my arm. So I began getting tattoo cover ups. People sometimes say that the tattoos look misplaced or something and the answer is, no it’s perfect where it’s at. It’s exactly where I want it to cover my past of hatred. I covered my hatred for myself with something beautiful that I love and to this day I couldn’t be more happy with my decision to cover them up. Honestly, after I became an adult I realized how embarrassing the scars were. I got tired of having to wear long sleeves and hoodies in the summer so nobody would see the scars. So, I got something I was proud of to cover them and I couldn’t be happier with the fact that I paid $400 to cover up my horrible past of hatred.

A note to everyone, if you are ever feeling, down, depressed, suicidal ANYTHING, feel free to talk to me about it. I know how it feels. I’m always here.



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